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My First National Commercial


This was such a fun shoot and thankfully it's still running. 

Web of lies


After years of wanting to shine, be coloful and fully alive, i have been turned Black and white...  This is an award winning short written by Kathryn gould.



After years of Putting up with the BLF, I finally got to choke him out...  Don't worry no BLF's were actually harmed during the making of this film. That pain on his face is all due to his pure acting talent.


I'm fianlly a Yoga Teacher


After years of practicing and considering myself a yogi, I finally took the challenge of becoming a teacher and realized how little I actually knew about yoga.  I now look to actively live every moment as a yogi and remain poised under pressure.   This is however the "goal" and not always the reality.   I believe the true challenge that yoga allows us to  experience, is finding equanimity in a challenging place of pain or resistance.

Sound Healing


I'm also a sound healer. I play this amazing instrument the HANG,  along with tibetan singing bowls to create a blissful enviorment .  My wife and I perform at a variety of yoga studios and The Denver Botanic Gardens.  Our Next concert will be our winter series at the Gardens.  Stay tuned for specific dates and times.



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