Here is my new 1 minute SLAM you in the Face hard hiting action reel!

2021 Speed Reel:

Some quick clips of the best stuff...

Playing the lead prosecuting attorney for A new HERSHEY'S Training  Crime drama...


This is a High Impact, punch you in the face kinda reel, Designed to showcase a bit of action and lots of edge.


Detective Carl Coomler:

A compilation of my scene from the Life Time Movie "Model Citizen"  AKA "A Deadly Price for Her Pretty Face."

Fun Clips:

I simply love this kind of goofy comedy.  I get to utilize my stunt training and my goofy crazyness... a perfect blend of good times.  Thanks Rodney Wilson for casting and directing me in this fun piece. 



A SMART CAR Spec Commercial we shot last year.  That crazy clown is John Gregory.  Thanks Hamilton Casting for getting me booked.




BLOX... A fun infomercial to get you laughing. 



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